Crash Course Coin

2,000 Learner Coin

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Hand-engraved by Woody Maringer at Shire Post Mint, this coin certifies that you are helping Crash Course reach 2000 learners. The front side shows the Crash Course door surrounded by 200 hash marks, each of which represents 10 people you are helping us educate. 

This year, the reverse side features a design inspired by one of the iconic photos taken by the James Webb telescope in 2022. JWST’s infrared capabilities allowed us to see galaxies that are much farther away and older than we’d ever seen before.

The illustrations are ringed with the words "Knowledge Weighs Nothing, Carry All You Can." This coin isn't a huge thing, but it represents something massive. 

Thank you for being a part of our work. 


Coins are 31.7mm in diameter and 2mm thick.