The 10,000 Learner Coin – Crash Course Coin
Crash Course Coin

The 10,000 Learner Coin

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Hand-engraved by Woody Marginer at Shire Post Mint, this coin certifies that you are helping Crash Course reach 10,000 learners. The 10,000 learner coin is minted on brass twice the thickness of our 2,000 learner coins, and each coin is stamped with a unique number between 1 and 500. Only 500 of these coins are being made. 

It also comes in a display case that will contain a hand-signed thank you card from Hank and John Green.

The front side shows the Crash Course door surrounded by 200 hash marks, each of which represents 50 people you are helping us educate. 

Blending history, science, art, and humanity, the reverse side shows a portion of Santiago Ramon y Cajal's illustrations of human neurons. Ramon y Cajal was instrumental in revolutionizing how we, as humans, understand our own minds and his illustrations are still being used to help students understand how we understand. His work is ringed with the words "Knowledge Weighs Nothing, Carry All You Can." This coin isn't a huge thing, but it represents something massive. 

Thank you for being a part of our work.