The 2024 Crash Course Coin

This year’s gorgeous design showcases figs, which, for us, represent growth and knowledge. Archaeological evidence suggests that figs are one of the earliest cultivated crops, dating back more than 11 thousand years and actually pushing back previous understandings of when human agriculture began.The design reminds us that when we get curious about the world around us, we discover and create new knowledge. We grow. And that project of meaning-making connects us to the earliest humans, and all the generations yet to come, all around the world.

This Year in Crash Course

Because of the support of people like you, in the past year, Crash Course expanded in some really exciting new ways. We released our first long-form, documentary-style Crash Course lecture, in which John finally got to say everything he wanted to say about tuberculosis. And together, with more awareness and advocacy, we really believe we can end TB for good. Coin funds also let us launch Crash Course Pods, our first-ever podcast series. Plus, they allowed us to experiment with new visual styles and new soundscapes for our Art History series — bringing a whole new vibe but the same Crash Course heart.

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Crash Course's Future

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