Product Info

When will I get my coin?

Your coin order will ship by the 1st week of August. In order to keep manufacturing costs low, we only order as many coins as needed and this number is determined once the ordering window closes. This helps us avoid unnecessary cost and waste, and allows us to use more of the money from these sales toward making Crash Course bigger and better.

What materials are the coins made of?

The 2,000 Learner coins are made of 100% copper, the 10,000 Learner coins are made of bronze and nickel-silver, and the 20,000 Learner coins are made of laser-anodized titanium.

Where/how are the coins made?

The coins are made by Shire Post, a family-owned and operated coining operation in Arkansas, USA. You can learn more about their process at www.shirepost.com.

How should I care for the coins?

Each coin has been sealed with a thin wax layer. We do this to protect coins’ antiqued finish look. With enough handling an antiqued coin will shine brightly and only the lowest of darkened areas will stay darkened. Antiqued and sealed coins are very surface-stable unless the wax layer has been worn away and they are left in prolonged moisture.

Where is the money from my purchase going?

Every Crash Course requires a robust team of talented and educated consultants, writers, editors, animators, and fact checkers. Your money will go to help us continue our work this year and in future years, as well as expand what we do to continue our work to lower the barriers to education.

Is my order tax-deductible?

All funds from your purchase go to supporting Crash Course but because we are not a charity your purchase is not tax-deductible. 

I became a 3-year Patron this year, how do I get my 3-Year Patron Coin?

Thank you so much for being a long-term patron of Crash Course! The 3-Year Patron coin is a one-time offer for patrons who cross 3 years of supporting Crash Course, not an annual offer. If you became a 3-Year Patron in the last year (you started supporting Crash Course on Patreon June 17, 2020 and June 7, 2021) you should have received an email from us with information on how to claim your coin. If not, please double-check this email did not go to your spam or junk folder. If you still don't see it, please email info@crashcourse.tv with the subject line "Patron Coin" and let us know your Patreon email address.

I'm so close, but not quite a 3-year patron!

Our plan is to do this whole thing again next year, so watch out!

I received a 3-Year Patron coin last year, can I receive another this year? 

Thank you so much for being a long-term patron of Crash Course! Last year, money from our Patreon and our first coin made up 37% of our budget, allowing us to produce 47 episodes of Crash Course.

The 3-Year Patron coin is a one-time offer for patrons who cross the 3 years of supporting Crash Course, not an annual offer. If you already received your 3-Year Patron Coin last year, you won't be eligible for another this year. Thank you again for your support - we have so much gratitude for those who continue to support us over the years!

I became a 3-year Patron last year (or earlier), but I missed this last year! Can I claim a 3-Year Patron Coin now?

The 3-Year Patron Coin is a one-time offer for patrons who cross 3 years of supporting Crash Course, not an annual offer. However, if you were eligible last year but did not claim a coin, please email us at info@crashcourse.tv with the subject line "Patron Coin" and let us know your Patreon email address. Thank you for supporting Crash Course over the years!

I want to support Crash Course but I don't want a coin / the coin I want is sold out. What can I do?

You can support the creation of Crash Course by subscribing to our Patreon, where you can get shout-outs and exclusive access to behind-the-scenes content. You can also give a financial gift at any time by visiting our support page. Thank you for supporting our mission of accessible education!

How do I stay up to date on all things Crash Course? 

Today you can stay up to date by following Crash Course on social media, and keeping an eye on the Crash Course channel Community Tab. You can also subscribe to Crash Course's newsletter here to get periodic email updates about new series, future products, and chances to work with us. We promise we won't spam you.

Ordering Process and Procedure

Can I buy from your site in a currency other than US Dollars?

Yes! PayPal and credit card companies do all the converting for both you and us.

What payment methods do you accept? Can I pay with a money order or purchase order?

We accept payments from all major credit cards, PayPal, Google Pay and Apple Pay. We cannot process money orders, purchase orders, orders placed over the phone, or cash transactions. 

Returns, Refunds, and Replacements

What is your return/refund policy?

Refunds and replacements can be processed within 6 months of the original order date. After 6 months, orders are archived in our system and are no longer eligible for refund or replacement.

We can accept returns and provide a refund as long as the coin is returned in its original condition. Please contact us for instructions on how to return your order for a refund.

We are unable to process direct exchanges of merchandise. We can accept a return for a refund (see above), and you may reorder the item you prefer.

A part of my order is missing/damaged/incorrect - what should I do?

Contact us as soon as you notice something wrong with your order. If you let us know the original order confirmation number and what was wrong with your order (a coin was damaged, missing, or incorrect), this will help expedite the resolution process. Pictures are appreciated but not required if a description of the issue is covered.

For these limited-release coins, we can only send a replacement if there is extra stock left in the warehouse. If there is no back stock, then we will let you know and provide a refund.

If you received the wrong coin, we will set up a reshipment of the correct item, so you will not have to reorder. We may send a pre-paid return shipping label for the wrong one to your email address, and then the package can be dropped off at a UPS drop-off location. 

I need to cancel my order - what should I do? 

Contact us with the order confirmation number as soon as you decide to cancel your order! As long as the order has not shipped yet, we can cancel an order for a full refund.

If the order has shipped, we can only offer a refund of the item if it is returned to our warehouse in its original condition. 

I want to change my order - what should I do?

We’re unable to change orders that have already been processed. However, as long as your order hasn’t shipped, we can cancel your order so you can place a new order for the items you'd like to order instead. If the shipping address needs to be updated, please contact us with the correct address.

I ordered the wrong coin by mistake! Can I return it? 

We are able to change an order before it ships by canceling the current order and you can place a new one for the correct coin. If you catch a mistake in your order before you receive the shipment notification email, please let us know by contacting us or replying to your order confirmation and we can cancel the current order.

If your order has already shipped, you are welcome to return it for a refund, as long as it is returned in its original condition. Contact us for additional info on returning an order for a refund.

Shipping Procedures and Policies

Why was I charged a second time to pick up my order?

Some countries charge extra taxes on importing goods, often depending on the value of the goods being imported. When we mark the value on customs forms, we do not include shipping costs, only the cost of the actual item.

Please note that you may be charged taxes upon import of your items. We are also unable to ship your merchandise as a gift (even if you are intending to give the item as a gift to someone else), as we need to follow the rules and fill out each customs form correctly. If we don't fill out the forms properly, we risk having the shipment returned to us or being prohibited from shipping to that country.

Can you ship to my address if it is written in a language other than English?

No. Our system cannot process non-English characters, so we aren't able to print the labels in any other language. Our recommendation is that you enter your shipping address pre-translated, or email us the translation so we can make sure it is as accurate as possible.

I need to change my shipping address.

To change a shipping address, contact us as soon as you realize the error. Please include the order confirmation number, and the new address in your initial email to expedite the process. We can only update addresses before an order ships, and we are unable to request reroutes of packages once an order has been shipped.


Do you ship to my country/school/small town, etc.?

If you have an address able to receive mail/packages shipped from the United States, we can ship your order to you!

Please note that international mail delivery can occasionally be affected by temporary mail disruptions.

Is expedited shipping available?

Unfortunately, we’re not able to offer expedited shipping options for the Crash Course Coins.

Are tracking numbers available? Why doesn’t my tracking number work?

When your order ships, you will receive a notification. These get snagged by spam folders sometimes, so be sure to take a peek in there if you believe your order should have already shipped. Tracking numbers are only available for domestic customers -- track your shipment at https://www.ups.com/track.

International customers: the number in your shipment email is only a customs ID number. You may not be able to track your package using this number.

My order never showed up! Where is it?

If you feel your order is taking too long to get to you, don't worry! Our replacement policy covers lost packages up to 6 months after the order date. For replacements to be sent in the case of a lost package, we will need the shipping address re-confirmed so we know there were no issues in the address that would cause the package to be returned or mis-delivered.

How do you know if the order has indeed been lost? Here are some guidelines:

Domestic Orders
For orders within the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and APO addresses, the delivery estimate is 7-10 business days*. These orders include tracking capabilities with Standard Shipping through Mail Innovations, so you should be able to keep an eye on the package's progress through that. We can issue a replacement or a refund for the items if the tracking for the package has either 1) stalled for 10 consecutive business days, or 2) shows "delivered" but is not found in/on/near the mailbox or door within 1-3 days of being updated to the “delivered” status.
    International Orders
    For international orders, the delivery estimate is 2-6 weeks*. This depends on the distance from the origin point (Montana, USA) and the import/customs regulations and procedures in the destination country. These orders do not include tracking with Standard Shipping through Mail Innovations, so we do not have a way to locate the exact position of the package. We can issue a replacement if you have not received the package after 8 weeks since the shipping date.


    * Please note that these shipping timelines may be extended due to information provided by the mail carrier about delays and disruptions in service.

    I have a different question or issue that isn't listed here!

    For questions about orders, shipping, delivery, or if you're having any trouble with placing an order, please contact us

    For questions about Crash Course, please reach out to info@crashcourse.tv.